Article for Souvenir

The Ramakrishna Mission Calcutta Students' Home will celebrate its 30th reunion on December 2024. To commemorate this occasion, a "SOUVENIR" will be published, featuring the following topics. We kindly request all our alumni to submit their writings/articles by July 10, 2024.


1. The Holy Trio in World Consciousness (বিশ্বচেতনায় ঠাকুর-মা-স্বামিজী)

2. Atmavikasa (আত্মবিকাশ)

3. Work is Worship (কর্মই উপাসনা)

4. Our Students’ Home - 108 years’ Service to Humanity (আমাদের বিদ্যার্থী আশ্রম)