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  • Swami Nirvedananda

    (Jibani O Rachanadi Samgraha)

    About: An illumined soul and an erudite scholar Swami Nirvedananda (1893—1958) is also known to be one of the foremost educationist in the history of Ramakrishna Order. He is the founder Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission Calcutta Students’ Home wherein he gave practical shape to the educational ideas of Swami Vivekananda. He has a number of books on religion and spirituality to his credit. This book gives an inclusive account of his life along with some of his writings.

  • Hinduism at a Glance

    Swami Nirvedananda

    About: Hinduism at a Glance, as the name suggests, is only a broad outline of the prominent features of this religion. it presents its essential contents in a nutshell, and aims at acquainting the busy reader with all that Hinduism stands for, and that as quickly as possible.

  • Hindu Dharma

    Swami Nirvedananda

    About: This book is the Bengali version of the book Hinduism at a Glance, is only a broad outline of the prominent features of this religion. It presents its essential contents in a nutshell, and aims at acquainting the busy reader with all that Hinduism stands for, and that as quickly as possible.

  • Bharat Kalyan

    Swami Vivekananda (Translated and Compiled by Swami Nirvedananda)

    About: The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda published by Advaita Ashrama covers almost all the lectures, letters and other written materials by Swami Vivekananda. A very few selected topics from there, related to India, has been compiled and represented in this book namely 'Bharat Kalyan' in Bengali by Swami Nirvedananda.

  • Religion and Modern Doubts

    Swami Nirvedananda

    About: The human race for its very existence, requires a spiritual re-adjustment of its outlook on life, to be able to sail through the materialism prevailing today. Through its different chapters, this book attempts to show how religion can give a fresh lease of healthy, useful and vigorous life to mankind.

  • Our Education

    Swami Nirvedananda

    About: Our Education deals with almost all the salient points of the topic and is divided into three sections under the heads, AS IT SHOULD BE, and HOW, which explains themselves. The book is an excellent treatise, well written, and well worth the study of all educationists and other interested in the reconstruction of education.

  • Upanishad Sankalan

    Swami Santoshananda (compiled by)

    About: Upanishads are the mine of infinite knowledge and strength, which was brought an expounded for the common man by Swami Vivekananda. Culled from various Upanishads this book is a wonderful representation of all the essentials of Vedanta. Busy readers can have a quick glimpse of the fundamental messages of Upanishads.

  • Galpe Vedanta

    Swami Viswashrayananda

    About: Swami Vivekananda once told that he has preached nothing but Vedanta (also known as Upanishad). In the highest sense, Vedanta means the knowledge of the Absolute Reality. The ancient Rishis have often described these subtlest truths with the help of parables.  To give a glimpse of the profundity of Vedantic knowledge which is the foundation of Indian spirituality and culture, stories from different Upanishads are presented here very systematically so that everybody can easily understand.

  • Mahajiban O Vani

    Swami Amalananda

    About: This little booklet gives a quick view of the lives and teachings of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda. The evening Aratrika Hymn of Sri Ramakrishna, chanted in every centre of Ramakrishna Math & Mission is also included here. It contains some beautiful photographs also.

  • Ramayan Kanika

    Swami Amalananda

    About: Swami Vivekananda wanted inspiring stories from our ancient scriptures be translated in modern languages so that today’s young generation may have the taste of the glorious Indian culture and civilization. The Ramayana, one of the major Indian Epic, is retold here in a short form so that children and young pupil can have a rapid view of this great scripture of India.

  • Mahabharat Kahini

    Swami Amalananda

    About: The greatest of Indian Epic, the Mahabharat is literally the vast ocean of facts and figures depicting all the aspects of Indian traditions, cultures and civilizations. The glories of noble characters like Bhimsa, Drona, Yudhistiraso, Bihma, Arjuna, Karna, Kunti, Gandharietc centering on Bhagabwan Sri Krishna are very nicely presented here so that students get inspired to follow these great ideals of ancient India.

  • Ramayan Kahini

    Swami Amalananda

    About: The Ramayana is one of the great epics of India, ascribed to the Hindu sage Valmiki and forms an important part of the Hindu canon, considered to be itihāsa. The Supreme Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and their devotees show us by their own example how to subdue the greatest enemies of all – the mind and senses – and become free. The whole life story of Lord Rama is depicted beautifully in this book in a short form so that everybody can understand.

  • Bhagavater Katha O Galpa

    Swami Amalananda

    About: SrimadBhagavatam is the best of all Puranas written by Vyasadeva. It describes the life and teachings of Lord Sri Krishna and the stories of His devotees. It is unique in Indian religious literature for its emphasis on the practice of bhakti; for its redefining of dharma; and for the extent of its description of God in a human-like form. It teaches the way of BhagavataJiban—a life fully divinized and God oriented. This book will give a comprehensive view of the essence of Indian culture i.e, spirituality.