Blessings From The Eminents

Blessings of the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna towards Students’ Home:

Swami Brambhananda1
Srimat Swami Brahmananda, of hallowed memory, once said on the eve of his passing away to Swami Nirvedananda, “It is a good work. But the house is very small. We must have a big house for our own. There should be such institutions in different districts and, you see, there should be a big one in Calcutta with a vocational college attached to it.”
Srimat Swami Shivananda (Mahapurush Maharaj), immediately after his first visit, encouraged Swami Nirvedananda (then Surendranath Mukherjee): “Carry on this work; it was after Swamiji’s own heart.” On hearing of this, Srimat Swami Premananda said, “Accept Mahapurasha’s words as a divine-oracle (Daiva vani)”.
Shivananda Ji)
On hearing of this (above) command, Srimat Swami Premananda, who had wanted the tutor to join the Belur Math, said to him from his sick-bed, “Accept Mahapurasha’s words as a divine oracle (Daiva vani)”. One day Srimat Swami Turiyananda assured the tutor saying, “Sri Ramakrishna himself will always be present in the Ashram and see the spiritual growth of the inmates.”
On another occasion, Srimat Swami Saradananda told him (Swami Nirvedananda), “It is a very important work, as it promised to be of immense benefit to many people in the course of time.”
Swami Saradananda

Through eminent eyes:

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: “I visited the Ramakrishna Mission Students’ Home a few days ago and was exceedingly pleased with what I saw. Hostels of this kind are a crying necessity in a place like Calcutta… This institution deserves well of the Calcutta University and in fact all who are interested in the welfare of the students. The fact that a serious attempt is made here to impart moral and religious instruction as also to make students live a good and pure life, is a further reason why I am interested in the success of this institution.” [1924]
Dr. P.C. Ray: “The Students’ Home is a unique institution where, living among pastoral surroundings our meritorious students are taught the principles of self-help. I wish the ‘Home’ every prosperity.”
Dr Meghnad Saha
Dr. Meghnad Saha: “The Students’ Home is a noble venture, based on the finest of ideals and should receive patronage from every lover of the country.”
Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee: “…the management deserves every praise for the excellent arrangement made, which are in full keeping with the noble traditions of the Mission. I can only hope the students who enter into life’s struggle from this Home will imbibe the true spirit of service and faithfully and courageously work for the uplift of their countrymen.” [1940]
Shyama Prasad Mukherjee_
The late Srijut Girish Chandra Bose, the founder and principal of Bangabasi college visited the home on the 24th of September, 1920 and said, “I have come almost to the end of my life, achieving almost nothing. It has been practically a wild goose chase. You have got on the right lines, I envy you…I give you a blank cheque. Students sent up from this Home will have no difficulty in getting free studentship in my college.”

On the occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebration:

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan: “The Ramakrishna Mission Calcutta Students’ Home, in these fifty years, has done very valuable work, and brought out many books of immense benefit to young men and women who are lost today in a world which is unable to pull itself out from its entanglements. To give them some secure anchorage is an important work and the Students’ Home has done it. I congratulate the Students’ Home on its performance and wish it the best in the future.” [1966]