Tournaments & Annual Sports

The Home is also a land of festivity! Festivals go on throughout the entire year. ‘Sri Sri Kali Puja’ is celebrated as annual festival with great éclat, and ‘Sri SriSaraswati Puja’, ‘BhatriBaranCeremony’, ‘Shiva-Ratri’, ‘Holi, ‘Janmasthami’ and ‘Christmas Eve’ are some of its evergreen festivals celebratedwith solemnity and grandeur. The celebrations like ‘Independence Day’, ‘Republic Day, Rabindra-Jayanti’ and ‘Netaji -Jayanti’ are also observed with true spirit. ‘We re-unite in every three years to celebrate and reminisce our golden days spent in Students’ Home and it composes an unbreakable bridge pulling together the hearts of present-students and ex-students. Every function is planned and organized by the students under the wise guidance of our monastic brothers. Everybody participates whole-heartedly and enjoys the festival. Enthusiasm of the inmates never ebbs in thick and thin.

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