Illumining minds, hearts with colors…

The Home is also a land of festivity! Festivals go on throughout the entire year. ‘Sri Sri Kali Puja’ is celebrated as annual festival with great éclat, and ‘Sri Sri Saraswati Puja’, ‘Bhratri-Baran Ceremony’, ‘Shiva-Ratri’, ‘Holi, ‘Janmasthami’ and ‘Christmas Eve’ are some of its evergreen festivals celebrated with solemnity and grandeur. The celebrations like ‘Independence Day’, ‘Republic Day, Rabindra-Jayanti’ and ‘Netaji -Jayanti’ are also observed with true spirit. ‘We re-unite in every three years to celebrate and reminisce our golden days spent in Students’ Home and it composes an unbreakable bridge pulling together the hearts of present-students and ex-students.

Every function is planned and organized by the students under the wise guidance of our monastic brothers. Everybody participates wholeheartedly and enjoys the festival. Enthusiasm of the inmates never ebbs in thick and thin.

Coming together under the banner of these festivals, everyone's heart fills with unfathomable joy that keeps us uplifted and helps us to move to a state of being wide-awake!

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