Public Library

In commemoration with Swami Vivekananda’s Birth Centenary in the year 1963, Swami Santoshananda, the then Secretary of Students’ Home took many short and long term initiatives. The foremost among them was to build a Government aided Public Library & Free reading room namely “Vivekananda Centenary Library”. It is one of the best libraries in this region that caters to the needs of the students of the Home as well as of Shilpapitha and local readers. It has a stock of more than 17,000 books on various subjects including text and reference books for school and college students. Numerous journals and periodicals and six reputed Newspapers in different languages are made available for the readers and inquisitors.

The ground floor of this Library is a spacious auditorium hall where occasional socio-religious discourses, bhakta-sammelan, youth convention, classical music programs, drama and film shows are arranged for the inmates as well as for the public regularly.

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