Relief Work (Flood & Distress relief..etc)

We usually conduct three types of relief works in different parts of Bengal. They are as follows:

  • COVID-19 relief : Click here
  • Distress relief : Inspired by the great idea of Swamiji – ‘To worship Man is to worship God’,   our Ashrama extends its helping hands those who are in abject poverty and living in utterly distressed condition. The people are normally served with all types of garments, dry food, medicines etc. All these reliefs are done after getting a proper survey.
  • Winter Relief : Winter terribly hurts those who lack enough warm-clothing. We provide them winter garments, blankets etc.
  • Flood Relief : Sufferings caused by natural calamities take ample time to ameliorate. We stand beside those victims. As flood being frequent in Bengal we conduct flood relief. We try our best to reach the remote place where people get trapped and hardly get any relief. Our boys amidst these adverse condition serve them with cooked food, medicines, garments, water packets and other necessary things with great zeal and action.

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