Raja Maharaj’s Utsav & Christmas Eve

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“Since 1920, the 24th of December has come to be a red-letter day in the Student’ Home. For it was on this day of that year that the Students’ Home was consecrated by the Holy presence of Srimat Swami Brambhananda. It was like a visit of the son of God. It is still fresh in one’s memory like a luminous vision of something exceedingly sweet, majestic and inspiring. He came with a retinue of monks and devotes, at about 9 in the morning and left before dusk. During the whole day, the house brimmed with ecstatic joy. Was it under an enchantment? Every heart seemed to be stirred to its depths. The human plane and the Divine were spanned.  The abode of eternal Peace and Beatitude was just in the offing! Did not God appear, for the while, to be within one’s easy reach? Yet, it was no hypnotic spell. Divine grace really did descend on the infant institution on that day and it was hallowed. It will ever remain a memorable day in the annals of the Students’ Home.” – An excerpt from the article – ‘As it has been growing’ by Swami Nirvedananda.

In Commemoration of this visit on 24th December every year Students’ Home cherishes it by celebrating the day in its true spirit. Around 200 to 250 monks and brahmacharins from Belur Math and nearby centres attend and take noon Prasada.

The evening is dedicated to Jesus, the Son of the Heavenly Father. Inmates gather to celebrate Christmas Eve and pray to Lord Jesus and Mother Marry. The ceremony is scheduled with Christmas carol, reading from The Bible and focus on the life and teaching of Jesus.

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