Saluting the Tri-Colour

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In every year 15th of August, 23rd January and January 26th the inmates of the Ashrama show their heart-felt reverence to their Motherland by congregating under the hoisted national flag and saluting the tri-colours. As these dates are marked to remember and cherish the braveries of the sons of our Motherland, who sacrificed themselves to break the shackles of bondage and present us the air to breathe free and live with head held high to the open sky…

Normally, in these days, the flag is hoisted in the morning with due solemnity. Both the national song and national anthem are followed. Some patriotic songs sung in chorus closes the morning session.

In the evening a cultural function is arranged, which focuses what these particular dates are meant for and what is our duty to our beloved Motherland today with this changing circumstances as well.

On the day of 15th August, boys voluntarily work in the paddy field with much enthusiasm. This cultivation-work helps the inmates to have a smell of the mud and thus make a firm rooting with our Motherland.

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